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A story of success

It began when my father, may God have mercy on him, founded “Muhammad Omar Al-Attas Trading Store” in the year 1967 AD, and after his death, may God have mercy on him, it was transformed into the “Omar and Khalid Sons of Muhammad Omar Al-Attas and Their Brothers Trading Company” in the year 1995 AD, with its main headquarters in the city of Riyadh and its two branches in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah. It is one of the leading companies in providing the needs of its customers with high-quality products of rubber belts of all kinds, rubber sheets, conveyor belts, nets, iron rollers, clips, gearboxes, tiles, grommet chairs, screws, nails, serrated skewers, and fasteners of both types, iron and plastic, anker bolts, and drill bits through... Importing these goods from several countries around the world (Germany - Austria - Netherlands - Taiwan - India - China).

We are involved at every stage of the project from concept to completion, enabling the creation of environments that facilitate clients' desires. Our process ensures this.

About us

Our goals

Keeping pace with the development taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, excelling in providing all our products, and taking great care to satisfy our customers according to the highest quality standards and providing distinguished products and services of high value and quality.

Our vision

To occupy a leadership position by providing sophisticated services and high-quality products.

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